Facebook rapped for sex offender profiles


Social networking site Facebook has been slammed for hosting profiles from sex offenders. In an interview with Reuters , Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal alleged that he knew of "at least three" convicted sex offenders with Facebook profiles and said that it may just be the "tip of the iceberg."

"There may be thousands or hundreds of thousands using aliases or false identities who have never been convicted," said Blumenthal, without any mention of how Facebook could actually tackle the problem.

Last week MySpace said it had worked to delete the profiles of 29,000 known sex offenders with profiles on the site. Facebook has previously fought off allegations of predators, since users have to allow others to contact them directly unless they are in the same network.

The problem of sharing information with others in the same network also recently came to light when Oxford University Dons could find pictures of students misbehaving as they too were connected to the University's same Facebook network.