British LulzSec members plead guilty to Sony, Nintendo, CIA attacks

British LulzSec members plead guilty to Sony Nintendo CIA attacks

More members of the LulzSec group thought to be responsible for cyber attacks on Sony, the NHS and News International have pled guilty to computer hacking charges.

At Southwark Crown Court in the UK, Ryan Akroyd, 26, admitted to being part of the group admitted one count of carrying out an unauthorised act to impair the operation of a computer.

The spree of attacks in 2011, which Akroyd was set to face trial for until his guilty plea, included attempts to hack the CIA, Arizona State Police and 20th Century Fox.

Co-defendents facing similar charges Mustafa Al-Bassam, 18, and Jake Davis, 20 (known in hacking circles as Topiary) also pled guilty, while Ryan Cleary, 21, copped to six charges last June.


It was revealed in court that Akroyd, from South Yorkshire, took on the persona of a 16-year old girl called "Kayla" for his activities within the LulzSec - an Anonymous splinter group

Crown Prosecutor Prosecutor Sandip Patel told the court: "He was the hacker, so to speak, they turned to him for his expertise as a hacker."

All four members of the group will be sentenced on May 14.

Via Guardian