BBC iPlayer: One week to go


The BBC may have faced some challenges over the last few days, but that doesn't stop us being excited about the corporation's internet TV player, out next Friday. We've asked leading internet writer Gary Marshall to preview it ahead of the launch , which we reckon might just change the way you watch TV.

The iPlayer has been the subject of some controversy in recent weeks, with the Open Source Consortium objecting to the iPlayer only being compatible with Windows XP PCs. That's because of the Windows Media DRM the corporation is using. However, the BBC has made no secret of its desire to make the player compatible with Windows Vista and Mac OS X in the coming months.

The iPlayer will enable you to store programmes for up to 30 days once downloaded, and they'll be available for a week after broadcast. The DRM is there to render downloaded programmes unwatchable after the 30 day period.

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