We7 adds breaking news to on-demand listening

We7 links up to with the Guardian for news content

We7 has unveiled an innovative new feature to its on-demand web streaming service – breaking news bulletins.

One of the main problems of on-demand is that it doesn't have the real-time structure of a radio show. We7 is trying to change this with the introduction of breaking news from GMG (Guardian Media Group ) Radio's Real Radio brand.

New paradigm

Speaking about the service, CEO of we7, Steve Purdham, said: "This partnership marries high quality news production and delivery with the new paradigm of on-demand music. Radio and Cloud based music can learn a great deal from each other, so we are really excited about working with GMG Radio"

We7 was setup in 2007 and is both a streaming service and download store. Currently, there are around 3 million users which log into We7's music archive, which will now be punctuated with breaking news bulletins.

This is the first time that such a partnership has taken place.