Skype growing by 138,700,000 users a year

Skype adds the equivalent of the population of Singapore to its growing user-base every twelve days

The number of people downloading and using Skype is growing at an incredible rate of 380,000 users a day - or 138,700,000 users a year.

Skype recently hit the milestone of having 15 million concurrent users, while claiming an amazing 405 million registered Skype users worldwide. An impressive user-base which is apparently growing by 380,000 every day.

Skype 4.0 praised

Skype 4.0 is described by the eBay-owned VoIP specialist as 'the most exciting and fundamental change to Skype's software in the company's history'.

There have been rumours circulating recently that eBay may look to offload Skype in order to generate some much-needed cash, although nobody has been able to qualify or corroborate these rumours.

Bucking the tech industry trend, Skype continues to turn a profit, with 2.6 billion 'SkypeOut minutes' bought by users in the fourth quarter of the last financial year – a revenue stream the company claims is growing by 61 per cent quarterly.

TeleGeography Research reports that Skype accounted for eight per cent of all international calling minutes in 2008.

Via PC World