Universal Music loses 'cute baby' YouTube case

Important precendent set with Universal losing the 'cute baby' case against a mother who posted a video of her toddler dancing to a Prince song online

Mother Stephanie Lenz got into a spot of bother with major music label Universal Music Group back in 2007, after posting a YouTube video of her cute toddler dancing to Prince song "Let's Go Crazy."

Universal were quick to send out a letter demanding removal of the clip and YouTube complied.

EFF to the rescue

Lenz did not take too kindly to this move, however, contacting the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to get a judge to declare that her video was "fair use" and thus demanding damages against Universal for sending out their takedown request.

Universal is now required to pay Lenz's attorney's fees, deems a new ruling by a California district court judge, in a case that is sure to set an important precedent for "fair use" of copyrighted material online.

Lenz can now recover all legal fees associated with fighting the takedown, but not necessarily the fees associated with the cost of pursuing Universal for damages in follow-up litigation.

Via Reuters