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Speedy 802.11n Wi-Fi finally gets finished

Whatever hardware you have, there's probably some 11n in there anyway

If you're the owner of any equipment with an 802.11n Wi-Fi chip onboard, you most likely don't care that the wireless standard is now official, but it's at least nice to know.

Two and a half years after the Wi-Fi Alliance agreed on a draft specification as a place holder and seven years after 802.11n was first mooted, that draft has now been accepted as the final version.

Nothing to see here

In reality, all it means is that future 11n products will be compatible with existing hardware – in other words, there are no changes to the draft.

So, if you're intent on buying a few more antennas for your wireless setup and aiming for that 300Mbps Holy Grail 802.11n is supposed to be able to reach, then knock yourself out – they'll be good for years to come.