Snoop Dogg uses MySpace to debut album

MySpace - now with added Shiznit
MySpace - now with added Shiznit

Snoop Dogg has decided to get down with the kidz for his new album and release it exclusively on MySpace.

Unfortunately most of them yoofs stopped using MySpace in 2006, with recent stats suggesting that the website lost 10 million users in just one month.

MySpace has been desperately trying to position itself has an entertainment hub, but it's still a little weird to see a high-profile musician like Snoop Dogg choose the site to get his album out there.

Nevertheless, all songs from the album are streaming on Snoop Dogg's MySpace page – and they are the clean versions, so you can listen (or let your gangsta seven year old hear) without fear that Snoop's going to drop the f-bomb.

Walk the Dogg

MySpace will be pleased that the Dogg Father chose its website for the album, given that ComScore is reporting the site had 63 million users in February 2011, compared to 73 million in January 2011.

A drop of 10 million users is going to send the alarm bells ringing on any site, and MySpace is doing its best to stifle its money problems, with 500 jobs going and the whole of the UK arm getting cut off.

Via Mashable