Skype to offer ads to keep free service

Skype set to look to advertising to fund free VoIP calls in future

Skype is set to consider offering adverts to keep its VoIP service free, according to the company's CEO.

Josh Silverman, CEO of of Skype, is "seriously considering" launching third party advertising on the service, according to The Telegraph.

Silverman says Skype's mission statement is to be "the fabric of real-time communication on the web", and has announced that the company is looking for additional revenue streams.

Ad-supported Skype

Which, basically, means an ad-supported Skype. Which is no doubt going to annoy those users that have been making Skype calls for year unimpeded by advertising gimmicks.

"It's challenging to get right as the way people use is Skype is very personal but we think our users expect us to do it so we can continue to support free. But it will be done in a tasteful way," Silverman said.

Skype recently announced a range of new monthly subscription services as well as new services such as five-way video group calling, currently still in beta testing.

Via The Telegraph