Presidential debate exclusive to MySpace

MyDebates: looking to get younger people interested in politics

Now that the presidential primaries have finally finished and the Democrats and Republicans have chosen their candidates, the final phase of deciding the next POTUS is close and MySpace has got the official nod to stream the presidential debates live.

The debates will have their own URL ( where users can watch the debates as they happen via a live stream or archive the talks for later watching. All this is done via a downloadable app.

Mass debate

This is not the first time that MySpace has dipped its toes into political territory. The site has had an active interest in the 2008 presidential election from day one creating an election site in conjunction with NBC and hosting a series of candidate dialogues in partnership with MTV.

The site will go officially live when the debates begin, which is 26 September. It will also be showing the vice-presidential debate, which begins 2 October.