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Netflix dons a Marvel cape, superheroes to fly your way in 2015

What a beautiful partnership

Netflix is seriously amping up its streaming selection. The company is already set to release an original film and is catching the eye of major studios but now it can add original superhero programming to its roster.

Netflix announced today it will be teaming up with Disney's Marvel to produce not one, not two or even three, but four seasons of 13 live-action episodes that will take several years to complete.

The original programming will first center on Daredevil (thankfully sans Ben Affleck) then move on to shows about Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, all culminating in a re-imagined mini-series about The Defenders, which brings the aforementioned characters together.

Judging from Netflix's previous success with original series' we have high hopes for more great television and hours of binge-watching. The epic superhero adventures begin streaming in 2015.

More blips!

Crossing our fingers for DC heroes to see some Netflix action too! In the meantime, these blips will have to do.