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Mobile web now making-up one tenth of all global traffic

Mobile web now making up a tenth of all traffic
Smartphones and tablets have made these less necessary

The overwhelming explosion of smartphones and tablets has seen mobile internet usage snowball to 10 per cent of all web activity, new figures have claimed.

Sales of the Apple iPhone, iPad and the massive uptake of Android phones have resulted in mobile traffic more than doubling in the last 18 months, when measured against laptops and desktops.

From just 3.81 per cent in 2010, the global figure now stands at 10.01, according to Pingdom, which followed up a report from The Next Web.

Big in Asia

Unsurprisingly, Asia is the chief breeding ground for the spread of the mobile web, with 18.1 per cent of the total traffic, but significant increases have also come in Europe and Africa.

A recent investigation revealed that use of the mobile web on phones and tablets will overtake fixed-line use in India by the end of 2012.

48.87 per cent of all traffic in the country can now be traced back to mobile devices.

Via: The Next Web