Microsoft premieres sci-fi spectacular Kirill


Microsoft's new internet sci-fi show Kirill receives its online premiere today.

The interactive series has gone live at, and is an ambitious new web project that the company has been working on in partnership with Endemol.

Each part of the 10-episode series is around three minutes long and stars English actor David Schofield, whose previous credits include Pirates Of The Caribbean and Gladiator.

The plot is as follows: Kirill (Schofield) is a scientist from Cern, the creators of the Large Hadron Collider. There's been a problem with the device and Kirill is communicating from 50 years in the future to try and divert a large-scale environmental disaster.


Speaking about the project, Peter Bale, Microsoft's Executive Producer of the UK's Online Service Group, said: "While it would be extremely easy for Microsoft to go and do a spin-off of some successful gameshow, we have decided to do something a bit more dangerous to show off the company's various online platforms, and the result is Kirill."

The show will run for 10 weeks and will be integrated throughout Microsoft's online portfolio, having a presence in the likes of Messenger and Xbox Live.

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