Microsoft: 'Don't let friends use Internet Explorer 6'

Internet Explorer
Microsoft wants to you to upgrade to IE8 or IE9. Not Firefox

Microsoft has launched a website asking people to stop their friends using its decade-old Internet Explorer 6 web browser.

While most tech-savvy folks out there have been recommending Firefox, Safari and Chrome to our nearest and dearest for years, apparently 12 per cent of the world was still using IE6 as of last month.

The aim of Microsoft's IE Countdown site is to get it below 1 per cent by this time next year and wants you to contribute by helping pals move to later versions of the browser like the new IE9... (not Firefox).

The site says: "Friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer 6. And neither should acquaintances. Educate others about moving off of Internet Explorer 6.


Microsoft's rallying call comes after governments in France and Germany openly spoke out against the browser last year, warning internet users to find an alternative.

Fears grew in January last year after malicious code left many users at risk of infections at the hands of viruses and trojans.

So, there you have it guys. Help Microsoft and upgrade from IE6 now. Oh, you did that 8 years ago? Well done! Enjoy your weekends safe in the knowledge that you did your bit.