Massively multiplayer Playboy game unveiled

Jolt Online Gaming launching Playboy Manager online game later this year

A new casual MMO based on the legendary softcore porn Playboy brand is currently in development over at Jolt Online Gaming.

The game is set to be a browser-based, free-to-play style affair, in which you are charged with managing the careers of various Playmates.

Playmate Manager basically gives you the virtual opportunity to become a pretend online pimp. Whatever floats your boat, we say...

You ultimate objective is to get one of your ladeeez into the Playboy Mansion. Though TechRadar suspects that this is all just a clever ruse to get lots of men signing up for another, less well publicised objective...

Titillatingly naughty MMO

Playboy Manager is described as "the luxurious Playboy lifestyle presented in an online game packed full of wit, style, and pictures which can only be described as titillating".

The game combines "the best elements of trading card and turn-based gaming" with (what the boys really want) the promise of unlockable, exclusive Playboy videos and photos.

Playboy Manager will launch later this summer. If you fancy some free Playmate-managing action then you can get involved in the beta at the official website.

Just don't tell 'er indoors!

Via Eurogamer