Hello Kitty social network launches


Following yesterday’s tabloid media outcry over a new online game called Miss Bimbo, today we see the launch of a far more palatable tween girl online world, with the ever-popular Hello Kitty online fansite launching at Sanriotown.com

“Today’s lifestyle sees more and more kids and teenagers spending significant amounts of time online. It’s important to provide them with the best possible entertainment when they surf but never at the expense of safety or by exposing them to unsuitable content,” said Achim Kaspers, vice president of Marketing at Burda:ic, the company responsible for Sanriotown.com

“The new Hello Kitty website gives teens a chance to network with like-minded fans in a safe, controlled environment and share innocent fun and games with their new friends, without having any detrimental effect on its users’ lives,” he added.

Hello Kitty was invented by Sanrio designer, Yuko Yamaguchi, in the 1970s and since then has enjoyed global popularity.