Hacker trial: McKinnon's extradition delayed

The trial of infamous hacker Gary McKinnon rumbles on, with extradition hearing being put back another month this week

The Gary McKinnon saga rumbles on, with the latest twist in the story of the hacker fighting extradition to the US being a decision to put back any proposed move by another month.

Any legal proceedings to force McKinnon back across the Atlantic are now on hold until February.

The judicial review of the Home Secretary's decision to ignore McKinnon's recent diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome has been adjourned for a month, following a hearing this week.

Such a relief

McKinnon was obviously pleased with the decision, telling Zdnet: "It's brilliant news — they're delaying the whole thing until we've got the DPP's decision…It's such a relief."

The case has split authorities and privacy campaigners on both sides of the Atlantic. Some US officials are adamant that McKinnon still poses a threat to national security, while he continues to claim that he was merely hunting around US military systems for evidence of UFO activity.