Guys are bigger software pirates than gals

Men steal more things from the internet from women, says 'state the obvious' survey

In the latest 'survey that states the clearly obvious' news, it has been 'revealed' that British blokes are bigger software pirates than the ladies.

That's right! British blokes are notably more willing to pirate online music and video content than the fairer sex, according to the results of the survey of 2,000 UK adults from IT services company Telindus.

The internet: free for all

More tellingly, most users are confused over copyright law and IP rights and think that once content is online and out there it is a "free for all."

50 per cent of male downloaders in the survey never paid for content online, compared with 38 per cent of women. An amazing 60 per cent of those surveyed didn't believe musicians should profit from their music or videos being downloaded online.

TechRadar reported earlier this month that illegal downloading was on the wane, due to the impact of free streaming sites such as

Via Ars Technica