Google to refresh Street View images every year

Google wants to refresh Street View once a year, but the EU wants it to increase the refresh rate to every six months

Google is looking to refresh the images in Google Street View every year, in order to keep the service up to date with our ever-changing cityscapes.

The news comes as European regulators fix their regulatory eyes on Google's attempts to bring digitised versions of the world's cities online.

The Associated Press received this letter from EU regulators to Google – with the EU reps wanting to know more about the company's retention policy for Street View image.

Refreshing Street View

It turns out that Googlehas decided that the ideal retention time for Street View images is a year.

But the EU still thinks that is too long and now wants the retention period reduced from a year to six months.

The EU also wants to see Google publish notifications in local newspapers, to alert local people as to when and where its Street View cameras and vehicles

Via Ars Technica