Google helps you cut your 'leccy bills

Google helps you save money on your home leccy bills with Google Powermeter

Google PowerMeter launches in the UK this week, helping you make those all-important savings on your domestic energy bills.

And helping to save the planet from the looming environmental apocalypse we've been expecting to hit any day now, too. Natch!

Cambridge -based AlertMe is Google's first device partner for the service.

Energy-saving competitions

Google PowerMeter uses smart meters to let you know exactly how much energy you're using.

However, you will need to invest in an AlertMe Energy smart meter which will set you back £69 and £3 a month thereafter. But you'll soon make that back in the savings you make, with household energy bills reduced by up to 10 per cent.

Google's Jens Redmer, director for business development, says of the service: "In the future, one new feature could be friendly competition – why can't I challenge my friends to say I'll save 10% over a year, and then trigger alerts when they're falling behind, so I could ping them to encourage them?"

You can track PowerMeter on your iGoogle home page.

Via The Guardian