Google Chrome stumbles

Chrome user figures fall in third week that Google's new browser has been available

Internet measurement company Net Applications claims that users are rejecting Google's recently released Chrome browser and returning to what they know at well-established browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer.

To be fair, Google Chrome is still in beta (and likely to be 'in beta' for some time if Google's track record is anything to go by) and has only been available for three weeks.

Chrome accounted for 0.77 per cent of the browsers recorded to be visiting the 40,000 sites tracked by Net Applications in its third week on the market, a slight drop from an 0.85 per cent share the week before.

Downward trend

"The trend line on Chrome still has a slight downward angle, and these weekly numbers reflect that," said Vince Vizzaccaro, Net Applications exec vice president of marketing.

Both Chrome and Firefox's user figures notably go up outside of US business hours – indicating that most businesses are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer as their default browser.

Google has still to release a Mac version of Chrome, which means Apple's Safari browser's user figures have been pretty much unaffected by Chrome's arrival to date.