Google Chrome overtakes Apple Safari

Chrome overtakes Safari as world's third most popular internet browser, according to Net Applications

Google Chrome continues to grow in popularity, having now overtaken Apple's Safari as the world's third most popular internet browser, after Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Google's Chrome has now been available for 16 months and continues to gradually chip away at Microsoft's dominant share of the browser market, according to the latest user statistics from Net Applications.

Apple's Safari browser is now the world's fourth most popular browser with 4.46 per cent of users worldwide opting for it, compared with 4.63 per cent of users opting for Google's Chrome.

Google's ad campaign works

The news follows the launch of Google Chrome on the Mac and Google's first major advertising campaign for Chrome.

Mozilla's Firefox is way ahead of Chrome with 24.6 per cent of worldwide users and Microsoft is still way ahead of the rest of the pack with 62.7 per cent of worldwide users.

Meanwhile, poor old Opera sits in fifth place in the browser chart right now, accounting for 2.4 per cent of all net browsers used in the last month.

Via Net Applications