Firefox 4 downloaded 6 million times and counting

Firefox 4 - speedy when it comes to downloads
Firefox 4 - speedy when it comes to downloads

Mozilla announced to the world yesterday that it had released Firefox 4 into the wild – its new speedier, streamlined browser.

And it seems that its not just speedy in browser terms but downloads too, as new stats from Mozilla show that 6 million people downloaded Firefox 4 in just 24 hours.

When you compare this to IE9, which managed 2.3 million downloads in its first day, it's a pretty significant number.

The stats are from, a site that offers a ticker of the numbers and some shiny graphics that show where the browser is being downloaded.

There's a map for that

If you take a look at the map, unsurprisingly it seems that Europe and the US has the most Firefox fans.

Firefox 4 brings a six-times speed increase, tabs for specific apps, HTTPS security and some new HTML 5 capabilities.

"With improved start-up and page load times, speedy web app performance and hardware accelerated graphics, Firefox is optimised for rich, interactive websites," said Mozilla about Firefox 4.

If you need to know more, then TechRadar's Firefox 4 review is a darn good place to start.