Fewer teens downloading music illegally

UK Music - cataloguing teenagers' illegal download habits

A new report into the illegal downloading habits among 14-24 year olds has shown that there has been a 2 per cent drop in those illicitly procuring music online.

The survey was done by UK Music and found that 61 per cent of 14-24 year olds use file-sharing services, while 83 per cent of that number were downloading music this way on a weekly basis.

The same survey carried out last year showed that 63 per cent of 14-24 year olds downloaded music illegally, some two per cent more than this year.

Streaming services

"This is the second year we have run this survey," said Fergal Sharkey, Chief Executive of UK Music, about the findings. "As with last year's results, this makes for fascinating reading."

He continued: "Over the past 12 months, the licensed digital music market has diversified enormously - epitomised by competition in the download market and the traction being gained by streaming services."

Via The Guardian