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Was Spotify too pricey for Google? Buyout rumors emerge

No Googles in sight

Rumors of Google's interest in buying Spotify seem to have been swirling for about five years now.

Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Google was indeed hoping to snap it up, but eventually decided that the asking price was too high.

No one knows what that asking price was, but there were rumours that it was somewhere around $4 billion and $ 5 billion. Seriously, Google? You've got $30 billion fund for non-US acquisitions and you wouldn't spend a sixth of that on Spotify?


Then again, none of this may have happened. Recode quotes "multiple sources" who say that no such talks ever took place. All that's happened, it reports, is that Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has met with Google execs to discuss various commercial deals.

You have to wonder where a Spotify buy would have left Google Play Music. Would Google have somehow absorbed one into the other? All the way back in 2011 we heard rumors that Google and Spotify were discussing the possibility of co-launching a streaming service in the US.

So never say never. Google's on a big music push right now: it recently snapped up Songza, and there are still rumors that it's plotting some sort of YouTube music streaming service for the near future. So who knows what's around the corner.