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Danish anti-piracy body throws in towel

Copyright piracy seems to be getting the better of the Danish authorities

We're not entirely sure if the latest move in the European anti-piracy drive is of any real significance, but it's definitely worth reporting that Denmark's main effort appears to be winding up.

According to Boing Boing, the "official Danish anti-piracy agency, Antipiratgruppen... are throwing in the towel and will cease their operations completely."

Evidence lacking

If you can read Danish, you'll find the original story on the website, but most of will have to make do with a rough translation highlighting the reasons for the end of operations.

It seems that the principal problem is that the Antipiratgruppen has been unable to secure any convictions of filesharers without them confessing to illegally sharing movies, music or software.

Meeting the Danish evidentiary requirements appears to be a challenge too far for the body, leading us to wonder when, if ever, that's going to change in any part of the world.