Britain best at beating online crime

UK is an exempler of how to tackle online crime

The UK was given a right royal pat on the head at the UK Internet Governance Forum meeting in London last week for its role in tackling internet crime.

The forum is where internet stakeholders get together to chat about all things web-based, including things like security and crime reduction.

At this forum, according to IT Week, the UK was singled out as an 'exemplar of best practice'.

It was the UK's 'blended approach' that was particularly singled out, where the UK allows different sectors use their own way to fight online crime.

'Bottom up' approach

Speaking about the way the UK go about handling cybercrime, Richard Martin from Apacs, who has been backing the Dedicated Cheque And Plastic Crime Unit, said: "There are things the UK does very well and it's a positive story for us to take to the [international] IGF meeting.

"It's a very good model to be taken up elsewhere, especially our national culture towards a blended, bottom up approach."