Can't illegally download me love: The Beatles top most-pirated chart

Can t illegally download me love The Beatles top most pirated chart

File this one under Non Shockers - The Beatles are the most pirated music artist in the world by some distance, according to MUSO's latest figures.

The anti-piracy company monitors a host of P2P websites (although not The Pirate Bay) and found that 187,687 Beatles files have been uploaded to cyberlockers, torrents and illegal streaming sites.

And that's just the uploads - MUSO's working on the basis that each file is downloaded 1,000 times in a year. Oof.

The full chart for your stat-loving pleasure:

  1. The Beatles - 187687 uploaded files
  2. Fleetwood Mac - 72984 uploaded files
  3. Bob Marley - 60024 uploaded files
  4. Led Zeppelin - 59011 uploaded files
  5. Cliff Richard - 56576 uploaded files
  6. Stevie Wonder - 45496 uploaded files
  7. Jimi Hendrix - 44093 uploaded files
  8. Elvis - 40794 uploaded files
  9. ABBA - 35193 uploaded files
  10. The Rolling Stones - 34444 uploaded files

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