BT launches survey to find fibre-optic hotspots

BT launches UK-wide survey to find next high-speed internet hotspots

BT has launched a new UK-wide public survey to find the UK's next fibre-optic based high-speed internet hotspots.

Communities that want access to BT's high-speed Infinity network will need to contact BT, for the network provider to ascertain levels of demand for the service across Britain.

To Infinity and beyond

BT has launched a website called via which you can input your postcode to indicate your wish to have BT Infinity made available in your community.

BT has committed to wiring up the five exchanges that show the highest demand for fibre from the online survey.

Depending on the results and feedback from the Race To Infinity survey, BT may not necessarily choose to roll-out the first fibre-based services to the most commercially-viable exchanges and localities.

Fibre-optic leader boards

BT will run The Race to Infinity until the end of 2010, with the website showing a leader-board of those areas and exchanges garnering the most votes.

Editor of broadband site ThinkBroadband, Andrew Ferguson, said the scheme had superficial similarities to a campaign BT carried out when broadband was initially being rolled out.

Via BBC News