BT boss hits out at government's online piracy plans

BT boss hits out at government plans to cut off filesharers

The boss of BT has criticised the government's plans to cut-off persistent illegal file-sharers from their internet accounts, suggesting that fining them would be a far more progressive option.

British Telecom's Chief Exec, Ian Livingston, has teamed up with a number of other key industry figures and written a letter to the Financial Times urging that changes be made to the Digital Economy Bill.

Unnatural justice

Plans to cut off filesharers go against what Mr Livingston refers to as 'natural justice' and instead he wants to see those accused of filesharing either pay a fine or fight their case in a court of law.

ISPs will no doubt see this as a preferable option to the current suggestions in the Digital Economy Bill, which, if ratified, will essentially see them being forced to cut off their own customers.

The BT boss said that this alternative approach would "create a fund" and "you get some good, rather than getting some hurt out of people infringing copyright".