Best Man tweets newlywed's 'bed activities'

'Not tonight love, I've got a headache. Frenzy rating: nil points

The Best Man of a newlywed couple has found an ingenious use for Twitter – he's using it as a log of the happy couples bedroom activity.

What may sound like quite a sinister and voyeuristic thing to do, it's actually hugely inventive. Instead of having to be there himself to note down each and every act, he's rigged up the bed to monitor just what kind of action it is getting.

Off the job

According to the Twitter feed (@newlywedsontjob) the bedroom activity is monitored by a device – a pressure-sensitive pad – in the mattress, which allows him to work out how long 'sexy time' is, the force of the action and a frenzy rating.

The last tweet noted: "They're off the job! #5 – Action concluded at 09.55GMT. Duration: 22 m.41 s. Frenzy Index: 4 (easy listening). Judge's Comment: 'Morning!'"

So far, the Twitter feedhas over 19,000 users even though it's only been going since 8 December.

It may not be Belle Du Jour, but as she was unmasked as a not very attractive scientist, Anon Bestman's Twitter posts may well be the best form of titillation on the internet at the moment. Or maybe not.

Via SlashDot