£350 spent on AV over Christmas period

Money life's good if you're an AV nut, according to LG

Consumers will fork out around £350 on new AV equipment this Christmas, despite the whole country facing a rather nasty economic downturn.

The optimistic figure was plucked from some research done by AV manufacturer LG, who believes that the figures show that the public is shunning going out for a night in front of the (hi-def) telly.

Cost comparison

Speaking about the findings, Daniel Aziz, marketing manager for LG Electronics digital media, said: "If you compare this cost with what the average family of four would spend going to the cinema once a month, the level of savings (offered by home cinema equipment) is very substantial."

Unsurprisingly, LG also found that 71 per cent of people surveyed preferred to watch movies at home instead of in the cinema.

Somehow, TechRadar thinks that if this research was conducted by Odeon, the figures may be that little bit different.