Onkyo unveils its audio boxes of delight

Some of Onkyo's new receiver range feature a Dolby Pro-logic IIz processing mode

AV specialists Onkyo has announced the first batch of its 2009 line-up of receivers, and is offering machines to cater for every budget.

The new range houses some pretty special technology, including a Dolby Pro-logic IIz processing mode, which adds two front height channels to a 5.1 multi-channel mix.

Budget receiver

The TX-SR307 is the cheapest receiver on offer here. Retailing at a snip under £250, the model supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD and house three HDMI ports.

A step above this is the TX-SR507. For £100 more you get an extra HDMI port and a programmable remote control.

Front-mounted HDMI

Dolby Pro-logic IIz makes an appearance in the more expensive models. Alongside Dolby Pro-logic IIz, the £400 TX-SR577 has 7.1 channel support, while the £500 TX-SR607 has five HDMI ports (one is front-mounted for ease of use) and features video up-conversion.

For more on Onkyo's latest range, point your browser to Home Cinema Choice, where they have an in-depth look at the 2009 range.