ISOL-8's black box promises HD picture boost

It may not look pretty, but it will make your TV picture perfect

A device has been launched which is said to enhance the picture quality of your TV's HD signal, by simply making your mains supply 'noise free'.

Called the ISOL-8 VMC1080, it's essentially a little black box which is designed to filter frequencies that affect HD and SD video signals.

It offers, according to its makers, "a clean, stable and noise-free mains supply to any video display, to improve picture quality and protect against damaging voltage spikes."

Better image depth

The VMC1080 can be used for all sorts of AV equipment – plasma, LCD, CRT TVs and projectors – and is said to reduce motion artefacts, improve contrast, produce more vivid colours, better image depth and, last but definitely not least, offer a sharper, more focused and less grainy picture.

While results vary from system to system ISOL-8 does note that "users have always found picture improvements, often marked ones".

If you would like to try the thing out for yourself then the ISOL-8 VMC1080 Video Mains Conditioner is out now for £189. Go to for more details.