Teufel launches Theatre 80 range

Teufel's Theatre 80 setup - set to make youe ears implode

Teufel, the AV direct seller, has announced its new home-cinema range is now available to purchase straight from its website.

The Theatre 80 is a 5.1 home cinema system that gives you a nice slice of technological prowess without breaking the bank.

Compatible with any AV receiver, the Theatre 80 works well in rooms up to 30m square, where it can blast out sound up to 106dB.

Not only that, the setup comes equipped with a 150watt subwoofer. You're neighbours are going to love you!

Discounted stock

As with all Teufel goods, the company is offering an eight-week return policy and there's also a manufacturing warranty that will last for 12 years – enough to see you through another format war, then.

And, as an added bonus, those who are quick to purchase the Theatre 80 will get a 10 per cent discount off of its price, which brings the system down to £345.

For the slow-witted of you, the setup will cost around £380. Point your browser to www.teufel.eu for more details.