DVD playback on Wii hack

Want to watch DVDs on your Wii? Now you can, courtesy of some enterprising/bored hackers

Enterprising/bored hackers have finally cracked DVD playback on Nintendo's Wii.

Great news indeed for anybody that is still in the market for a DVD player. Which is approximately nobody.

There was talk of Nintendo releasing a DVD-enabled Wii around the time of the console's launch way back in the winter of 2006, though that seems to have petered out, probably because DVD players are available in most supermarkets now for anything from a tenner upwards.

Overcoming commonsense

Still, not ones to be stopped by mere common sense, a bunch of Wii coders have managed to enable the Wii to play DVD movies via the MPlayer open source media player, as well as being able to playback media from SD cards.

If you really must turn your Wii into a DVD player then Tehskeen.com has all the details you need.