Analyst: PCI Express 'now universal'


A leading analyst thinks the PCI Express standard is "for all intents and universal".

"As IP becomes available, PCI Express is finding its way onto communications boards and other embedded applications," says Chris Kissel, an analyst for In-Stat . The analyst thinks that, by 2010, PCI Express will be in 440.2 million devices.

"PCI Express is showing its versatility as an interconnection for computation, imagery, and as an interconnection that can be switched or bridged for greater efficiency," said Kissel.

The standard was rapidly adopted by gamers and enthusiasts as graphics cards pioneered the format some three years ago. But while some TV tuner cards do support it, many add-in peripherals are still based on the earlier PCI standard. The research says PCI Express was used in 17 million mainboards last year, and will be used in 37.2 million boards yearly by 2010.

However, Kissel thinks that adoption of the standard in consumer electronics will continue to be very rare, despite the supposed rise of the media PC.