Get this VPN deal and bag 12 free one-month accounts to give to your friends

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As far as VPN deals and promotions go, this one is definitely unique. Instead of giving you something for free, PureVPN is helping you score a few brownie points with your friends and family to make you look like the hero of the day...confused? Let us explain.

As part of its 12th anniversary celebrations, popular VPN supplier PureVPN is giving you 12 additional one-month accounts when you sign up to any of its packages. 

While PureVPN's site does suggest friends, family or colleagues as the recipients of these free offers, we would not judge you at all if you instead decided to horde them to yourself instead, they are yours to give after all!

The good news just keeps coming considering PureVPN also currently has 70% off its 12-month plan. That means you can spend just $39.96 (roughly £31.64) for an entire year of coverage and get those 12 free accounts. That's the equivalent of a meagre $3.33 per month...what a bargain!

You can find out more details about this offer below or if you want to see what other software is on the market, take a look through our best VPN service guide

This special VPN deal in full

PureVPN | 1 year cover | 70% off | $39.96 (around £31.64)
The key selling point here really is the 12 extra accounts you will be getting. You can score some favours with your close family and friends or even horde all of the accounts for yourself, we won't judge. While this offer applies to any of PureVPN's deals, the 1 year plan also has 70% off now so we would advise going for that plan for value alone.
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How to send your free VPN invites

1.       Visit the Member’s Area

2.       Scroll and click Send Invite Now

3.       Select your desired account

4.       Share the name and email address of the invitee.

5.       Click Send Monthly Account Invite

What can you do with a VPN

VPNs essentially have two uses when you break it down: online safety and avoiding restrictions. In terms of cyber safety, a VPN uses encryption technologies to mask your IP address so you can't be tracked. In simple English, it makes it a lot harder for you to be traced on the internet.

Their other use is a bit wider in its functionality. VPNs can allow you to work around restrictions online which means watching your favourite channels in other countries, getting cheaper deals on flights and trains and watch any country's Netflix no matter where you are. 

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