Xbox Live Starter pack for noobs

Xbox Live starter pack for noobs launches later this month

Microsoft's noob-friendly introduction to online gaming, the new 60GB Live Starter Pack, will be launching in the UK on 19 November and across Europe on 21 November.

The pack will set you back £59.99 (€79.99) and is made up of a 60GB detachable hard drive, an Xbox Live Headset, an Ethernet cable and a three month Gold subscription Live – pretty much all you need to upgrade your basic Xbox 360 Arcade machine to get started and get online to have abuse thrown at you from anonymous Texan teens.

The Gold subscription normally costs £15. In comparison, Sony's online gaming network for PlayStation 3 has been much praised for having NO paid-subs model.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 60GB Live Starter Pack launches in the UK on 19 November for £60.

Beware, noob, it's a frightening place out there in the Live wilderness…