Will Twitter and Digg give Lara Croft a road?

The Lara Croft Way - next to Bodice Busting Avenue, off the Dog Shooting Road

Derby council has thrown out the naming of a road to readers of its website – and the chances are that online communities will all but guarantee that gaming icon Lara Croft get's her own little part of the City's ringroad.

A mass of votes has already been cast for Lara Croft way, with the gaming heroine head and shoulders clear of anyone else in the race to get a part of Derby's road network named after her.

The survey – at http://www.derby.gov.uk/ on the right hand side of the page – includes solid names like Eagle and Griffon.

Internet hit

But the inclusion of Lara Croft has made it an immediate internet hit, and almost certain to attract online communities like microblogging site Twitter and Digg – an aggregator of the most interesting content online.

So, if you believe that Derby needs to reflect the UK's gaming heritage then you should probably head over and cast your vote. Or you could plump for Steve Bloomer way – the choice is yours.