UK has 24.2 million new gen games consoles

UK has installed base of 24.2 million new gen games consoles

If you were wondering exactly how many new-gen games consoles have been sold in the UK since the launch of the Xbox 360 back in late 2006, then wonder no more, because the answer is 24.2 million.

So Britain has a rather healthy 'installed base' of gaming consoles, it would seem, going by the latest data from GfK Chart-Track released this week by retailer Game.

As of late June 2009, DS sales were close to ten million units, with Sony's PSP trailing behind in the handheld market, having sold 3.3 million units to date.

Wii win

Nintendo's Wii is the UK's biggest selling home console, having sold 5.4 million to date, followed by Microsoft's Xbox 360 (3.9 million units) and Sony's PlayStation 3 (2.2 million).

"In the UK the ownership of third generation hardware rose by 54 per cent in the 12 months to June 2009," said Game chairman Peter Lewis.

The exact figures are below:

DS – 9.4 million (including 300,000 DSi sales)
Wii – 5.4 million
Xbox 360 – 3.9 million
PSP – 3.3 million