Turn your iPhone into an iGameboy

Turn your iPhone into a Gameboy with these ultimately pointless but somehow deeply beguiling protective stickers...

If you are a closet Nintendo fan with an iPhone then these latest Gameboy style makeover protective screen covers for your Apple mobile are sure to appeal.

These 'Monochrome' stickers are produced by American company Infectious and, basically, turn your iPhone into something resembling a small Gameboy circa 1990.

All you then need to do is to download EA's superb £2.99 version of Tetris from the App Store and, hey presto, it's like the last 20 years never actually happened!

Fashion over function

Of course, the little red buttons and the Ninty-style D-pad and the back view of a full Gameboy-alike handheld are only for show. They don't actually do anything.

iPhone skins cost you a cent under $15 from Infectious.com. Utterly useless of course, other than as a talking point in the pub.

We've already ordered ours!

Monochrome via Kotaku