Spore out now - PC gaming event of 2008?

Spore. Available to buy via EA online right now. Though you'll have to wait till Friday to finally play it...

EA has released the full version of Will Wright's magnum opus, Spore, for download via its online store today.

You can purchase what promises to be the PC gaming event of the year (hell, perhaps even THE gaming event of 2008, though Sony's LittleBigPlanet could well take that crown) from the clunky EA Games download manager now, for £39.99.

However, you will have to wait until the official release day (of this Friday) to play it.

Dominate galaxies

Spore, as you may remember, was originally announced at the Games Developers Conference three and a half years ago back in March 2005 and Wright and his team seem to have been given plenty of room to perfect it by their paymeisters at Electronic Arts (judging by the number of penned-in release dates they have missed!).

TechRadar will no doubt be joining the rest of the global PC gaming community this weekend as we race to evolve a galaxy-domineering race from a single-cell organism.