Sony's 'Director of Rumour Confirmation' denies rumours

New PS3 Slim ads raise a chuckle amongst gaming journalists worldwide

Sony certainly has a good sense of humour, with the PlayStation division able to send itself up in its latest PS3 price cut ads.

In the run-up to both E3 and GamesCom this year, Sony's biggest product announcements – the PSP Go and the PS3 Slim – were heavily leaked all across gaming sites on the internet, with beleagured Sony PR reps having to chant the SCE mantra: "no comment on rumour or speculation".

This clearly became as big a frustration and source of amusement in Sony's PR offices as it did in newsrooms and amongst games bloggers worldwide.

"The Rumour Monger"

In the latest series of US TV ads promoting the PS3 Slim a typically snidey character called the "Bernie Buncalan, Rumour Monger" asks Sony about his "hot tip" that the PS3 is being reduced to $299.

Sony's "Director of Rumour Confirmation" denies the reports, despite the numerous $299 PS3 banners, T-shirts, signs, and other 'marketing assets' that clearly surround him.

Check out the ad right here: