PS3's browser use is higher than Wii

PS3's browser is used four times as much as Nintendo Wii's Opera browser

Sony's PS3 is more popular among gamers for accessing the internet than Nintendo's Wii, despite the Wii user base being almost double that of the PS3.

However, to put this in proportion, the PS3's browser has a 0.04 share of the 'internet market' globally compared with the PC's 88.7 per cent majority, according to business research group Market Share.

Nintendo Wii's Opera browser has a minuscule 0.01 per cent of the global internet market.

Both Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii can access mainstream online entertainment services such as the BBC iPlayer and YouTube.

Worldwide user stats

Current estimates put the Wii's global user base at around 44 million, over twice the estimated 19 million PS3s that have been sold around the world to date.

The differences in browser use between the two consoles is no doubt also affected by the fact that Nintendo levies a small charge to download the Opera browser on Wii, in addition to the different demographic groups that are buying into each format.