Pro gamers find 3D on 3DS a turn off

Pro gamers not happy with the 'visual depth' offered by Nintendo 3DS

Pro Japanese gamers taking part in a Dead or Alive: Dimensions tournament this month preferred to play Nintendo 3DS with the 3D turned off.

Edge reports that some of Japan's leading professional gamers are not that interested in 'visual depth' when it comes to quick-twitch game-winning response rates.

Players await NGP version

Players in the Dead or Alive: Dimensions tournament at Tecmo's Tokyo HQ reportedly "reached for the 3D slider early on, opting to forego the additional visual depth" while increasing the game's framerate to 60fps.

"This preference, coupled with 3DS's awkwardly positioned D-pad, led some at the event to wonder whether a version for Sony's NGP would offer a better portable experience."

If players choose to play with the 3D visuals on, then the game's frame-rate is reduced to 30 frames per second.

Whether these reports will concern the majority of Nintendo's target audience for the 3DS – which has a UK release date of March 25 – remains to be seen.

Via Edge