PlayStation motion control: video demo

PS3 motion control - Sony releases another teaser vid and promises lots more details at next month's Tokyo Game Show

Sony is set to make more announcements about its 'PS3 Wand' motion controlling tech at next month's Tokyo Game Show, with this month's GamesCom event being dominated by news of the PS3 Slim, price-cuts of the old PlayStation model and games, games and more games.

However, there was a tantalising mention of the 'PS3 Wand' at Sony's media conference, with Sony releasing this latest PS3 motion control demo video that you can see right below this news.

Tokyo Game show teaser

The demo from GamesCom shows that the device can be swung around and used as a wand, a torch and even a hair brush. The mind actually boggles as to what games will make use of hair-brushing mechanics…

The Tokyo Game Show is on the 24 September, when we expect Sony to make its full, final reveal on its plans for motion control tech and games.

For now, check out all of our Sony news from GamesCom 2009 on the new PS3 Slim and the PSP Go.

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