Open-source Kinect drivers for PC now available

Enterprising programmers release open source Kinect drivers for PC

Enterprising programmers have wasted no time in hacking Microsoft's new Kinect controller for the Xbox 360, with open-source Kinect drivers for PC already available to download online.

Programmer Hector Martin has released the drivers online to allow users to get Kinect working on a PC.

Kinect homebrew scene?

Of course, there are no dedicated games or apps right now to really get a lot of fun out of doing this, but that's not really the point of Martin's hack.

The NUI Group of programmers, who created the original unreleased drivers for Kinect on PC, have also claimed that they are creating an SDK platform for Kinect on Windows, which will allow others to create apps and games for Kinect on PC.

However, before they do this, they need to get $10,000 in donations. So we may be waiting some time until we see a slew of bedroom coders knocking out homebrew PC Kinect games…

For now, you can download Martin's drivers from his website, if tinkering with new console hardware via your PC floats your boat.

You can see a demo video of it working over on YouTube:

Via Engadget and AddictiveTips