Nintendo to update DSi Shop weekly

Pick up a copy of GTA: Chinatown Wars when you finally get hold of your new Nintendo DSi this Friday - you won't regret it!

The Nintendo DSi launches later this week, with the Mario factory announcing that it plans to update the DSi Shop with new games to download every week.

"Like the Wii Shop Channel, the Nintendo DSi Shop will offer a growing library of downloadable games, with new titles added every week," said Nintendo over on its press website.

The first weekly Nintendo Download is to be made available from next Monday, 6 April. Great news for fanboys new and old, TechRadar is sure you will agree

DSi Friday

The Nintendo DSi launches on Friday, costing £149.99

It is one of our favourite gadgets of the moment, with a slightly bigger and brighter screen, a couple of lo-res cameras for extra gaming and Mario-moustache super-imposing fun and a bunch of other new features and improvements on the DS Lite.

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