Nintendo lowers Wii sales targets

Sony sold fewer PS3s in the run-up to Christmas 2008 than it did the year before

Nintendo has reduced its sales targets for Wii to 26.5 million consoles worldwide by March 2009, down from the previous target of 27.5 million.

It's the first sign that the infernal recession is affecting sales of the hugely popular motion-controlled gaming console.

However, the DS Lite (and the new DSi) just cannot be slowed down; the handheld is seemingly 'crunch-proof'. As a result, the Mario-factory increased its annual forecast for DS sales to 31.5 million units, up from 30.5 million units. The boost is no doubt due to the popularity of the new DSi in Japan.

PlayStation woes

Meanwhile the bad news continues for Sony Corp: it sold fewer PS3 consoles in the last quarter of 2008 than it did in the same quarter of 2007. In October to December 2008, the company shifted 4.46 million PlayStation 3s, down 9 percent from the 4.9 million sold over the same period the year before.

Sony also sold 5.08 million PlayStation Portables in the latest quarter, compared with 5.76 million PSPs in the fourth quarter of 2007.